Friday, September 5, 2008

Whalen a definite for tonight

Starters have been announced here at Mohegan Sun Arena and Lindsay Whalen, as expected, is among them. No surprises really. Whalen, Amber Holt, Kerri Gardin, Asjha Jones and Tamika Whitmore make up the Sun's first five. Dominique Canty, Jia Perkins, Brooke Wyckoff, Candice Dupree and Sylvia Fowles are starting for Chicago. Chasity Melvin is Chicago's main threat off the bench.

Look for the Sun to get out and run a little bit while adding some full-court pressure in. Chicago is playing the second of back-to-back games, making the trip to Connecticut after Thursday's 70-62 loss to Seattle, and Mike Thibault is going to challenge its legs. Depending on the score, Whalen's minutes may be limited a bit, but she wouldn't be playing if she wasn't ready to go 20 to 25.

Officials for tonight: Tony Dawkins, Felicia Grinter and Eric Brewton.

As usual, I'll have a thread going during the game. Check back throughout.

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