Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike postpones Monarchs-Comets

With Hurricane Ike's impending arrival in Texas, the scheduled Friday night game between the Sacramento Monarchs and Houston Comets at Houston's Reliant Arena has been postponed. The WNBA is working toward rescheduling the game for Monday at 7:30p.m., also at Reliant. A formal decision "will depend upon a variety of logistics and an assessment of the outcome of the storm in the Houston area," according to a press release.

We here on the East coast won't feel any effects, if any, of Ike, but this hurricane season has been amazing in its severity and consistency. Between college football, the NFL and now the WNBA, weather forecasts are becoming as important as scouting reports for any game played in the South. Fortunately, there hasn't been anything as destructive in the United States as Katrina was in 2005. Let's hope nothing is.

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