Thursday, May 20, 2010

False Idol

Sun guard Kara Lawson had a funny story at practice on Wednesday. As an ESPN analyst and professional basketball player, it's common for her to be recognized, but the following encounter at Target earlier this week was a first.

I'll let Lawson tell it:

"I was going down the aisle. I don’t know (what I was buying), toothpaste or deodorant, you know stocking up on stuff because we’re going on the road.

And this old lady was like, ‘Kara?’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ And she said, ‘Oh my gosh, I love watching you.’

I said, ‘Thank you,’ and I was kind of walking away. And the one lady said to the other lady, ‘She’s my favorite on American Idol.’ I was like, ‘American Idol?’ I kept walking at that point."

Lawson said she got a text for her sister on Tuesday night that read: "I’m watching the show tonight, to see if you’re on there."

"The one you get the most (often), people know your face but they can’t place who you are," Lawson said. "So they’re like, ‘Oh, please tell me your name, please tell me your name. Who are you again?’ (But) I’ve never gotten American Idol. Never. And you’ve ever heard me sing or seen me dance, you would never say American Idol."

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