Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A familiar face

A cool little story line lost in the Sun’s meltdown: Sun forward Nykesha Sales was able to have a reunion with hometown friend and Colts star defensive end, Dwight Freeney. The two Bloomfield natives grew up down the street from each other – Freeney is the same age as Nykesha’s brother, Brooks – and they met up Saturday following the Sun’s Game 2 loss and the Colts’ preseason win over the Detroit Lions.


Brittany said...

Great job covering the Sun this year! It's too bad the season came to such a disappointing end. Since this was your first time covering the WNBA I was wondering, what were some of your impressions of the team and the league as a whole.

Matt Stout said...

First off, thanks for reading the blog and the Bulletin. This season obviously wasn’t one the Sun wanted but from a reporter’s perspective, it was interesting throughout. From its early struggles to the resurgence to the playoffs, I really enjoyed being around the team and appreciate the access it gave me and the other writers. Thibault is great to work with, always candid, always helpful. As for the league, it can be a little screwy sometimes and the officiating is something that always needs improvement. And things will certainly only get more interesting with the new CBA.

Brittany said...

Thanks, I agree with the officiating, I think it keeps getting worse every year. I hope you keep us up to date this off season with the CBA and any changes that might happen with the team before next season.