Saturday, August 25, 2007

Catchings update ... courtesy of Catchings

Indiana Fever forward Tamika Catchings posted on her blog on Friday and had this to say about her foot after playing 46 minutes in Thursday’s triple-overtime loss in Connecticut:

“Playing 46 minutes in a triple-overtime game was DEFINITELY NOT part of the plan for my first game back, but I’m feeling better today than I thought I would,” she said. “After the game (Thursday), as far as my foot goes, I was in a little bit of pain... Yeah, I think pain is the right word to use right now. After playing last night and sleeping and getting up this morning and getting back here to Indiana, my foot is not as swollen as we thought it would be. It’s a little bit swollen, but not too bad, so I’m feeling pretty good. I’m just trying to keep it iced and elevated to get ready for tomorrow.”

To look at her full post, go here.

Also in case you missed it, here is the latest post from Katie Douglas on her blog, regarding her reaction of Thursday’s epic game. It’s dated Friday. Just scroll down a little bit to find it; it's under Catchings' post.

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