Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More on Chante

So we're a little behind on the blogging to start the year, but let's catch up a little bit. The Sun opened camp Monday, and they'll have a lot to accomplish with 15 players in camp and 11 open spots. And here's a quick pre-preseason primer for the Eastern Conference.

And for today, here's a look at Chante Black, who spent last summer in Connecticut coincidently for an internship at the St. Francis Hospital in Hartford.

But there's more to the 6-foot-5 rookie's story. Black's mother, Mazie, has spent the past two years on a fellowship teaching English to fifth- and sixth-graders in Saudi Arabia. Black has never gotten the chance to visit her there -- and the schedule made it impossible for Mazie to attend any of Chante's games the last two years at Duke -- but she did make it back to attend the WNBA draft last month with her daughter.

Chante said travel has always been in her mother's life. Mazie was in Army before taking up teaching, and she has spent 10 months each of the last two years in the Middle East.

"She’s adventurous," Chante said. "I don’t think I’m as bold as her."

But despite the nine-hour time difference, mother and daughter still talk often, whether through e-mail, Skype or magicJack. (Mazie has a local in Saudi Arabia.)

"So now it’s on the regular," Chante said. "But (because of the time difference), when she calls I’m like sleeping and it’s 6 in the morning but she’s wide awake. I’m like, ‘Call me later.’"

Mazie is also planning to return to school, Chante said, possibly in New England, meaning she may be able catch her daughter at Mohegan Sun Arena often.

More to come from camp late today.


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