Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Thursday with Thibault

Greetings from Storrs actually, where I'm holed up inside Gampel Pavilion following the men's basketball team around. (Welcome to my winter beat.) But I got a chance to sit down with Sun coach Mike Thibault earlier today for an extensive chat that covered the 2008 season, what to expect out of the team in the next few months, who's coming back, who's not and a lot more on the state of the Sun.

I'm going to post parts of the transcript later tonight after sifting through loads of (digital) tape, but I figured I'd post this: I promised you a list of Sun players and where they'd be for the offseason if you're interested in following them. I actually have been e-mailed about my tardiness on this, and I apologize. Alas, here's a rough first list. Some rosters are still to be updated, and once they are, I will be able to include all teams:

(1) Svetlana Abrosimova: Russia (Ekaterinburg)
(2) Jamie Carey: None (Will coach high school basketball at Legacy High in Colorado)
(3) Kerri Gardin: Croatia
(4) Sandrine Gruda: Russia (Ekaterinburg)
(5) Amber Holt: Hungary (MKB Sopron)
(6) Asjha Jones: Russia (Ekaterinburg)
(7) Danielle Page: Bulgaria
(8) Erin Phillips: Israel (a Tel Aviv-based team)
(9) Tamika Raymond: None (Will serve as an assistant at Kansas)
(10) Ketia Swanier: None, for now (May join a traveling all-star team that does college tours, then perhaps sign overseas)
(11) Barbara Turner: Turkey
(12) Lindsay Whalen: Czech Republic (USK Prague)
(13) Tamika Whitmore: Czech Republic

(1) Evina Maltsi, who the Sun still own the rights to negotiate with: Czech Republic (USK Prague)
(2) Lauren Ervin, who the Sun drafted in April: Greece
(3) Jolene Anderson, who the Sun cut in August: France

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