Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sun trail, 39-36, at half

Experienced some technical difficulties so there's no post on the front page of But there's one here:

The Sun went on an 8-1 run in the final three minutes of the second quarter to cut San Antonio's lead to three at the half. Lindsay Whalen and Katie Douglas have 11 points apiece to lead all scorers, while Becky Hammon and Vickie Johnson each have eight to lead San Antonio.

Le'Coe Willingham, starting in place of Nykesha Sales, has six points to tie Asjha Jones for second most on the team. Sales, who played more than 36 minutes in Friday's win over Indiana, is dealing with some soreness, said Bill Tavares, the media relations director for the Sun. Sales also has dealt with a sore left Achilles tendon, but it's not apparent if that is acting up on her.

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